Our Story

“You have to meet my cousin Stormie! You have to meet my cousin Stormie!” he said.


I’d love to, make it happen” was my reply.


Ten years later at a friend’s house in Joshua Tree that destined meeting finally occurred. He was right, we met and became the best of friends, decided to create a business together and launched Nomadic Notions in 2018. We will always be grateful to you Patrick Swayze for knowing this and somehow making it happen…You are our Guardian Angel.


Stormie Ingram is an award-winning Food Stylist & Interior Designer.

Bo Slavin is a Stylist & Event Planner living in the High Desert.

What our clients say about us

“I just wanted to say how incredibly grateful I am/was for the both of you Saturday, I feel like I’ve known the both of you for years…it could not have gone better and I’m in complete awe. I’ve been crying since Sunday just overwhelmed with gratitude. We love you guys and thanks so much for your love and support!”

– Xoxo Shannon

“Nomadic Notions went above and beyond what we had expected from them, not only arriving fully prepared and organized, but problem-solving windy conditions that interfered with our place settings and cards, meeting vendors and coordinating the mariachi band’s secret arrival, among other things. They took charge behind the scenes and made the event happen seamlessly without either of us worrying about any of the details. They pulled off a complicated wedding with lots of moving parts in a challenging environment without making it feel like we had a wedding coordinator at all. Coming from us, that’s the highest praise!”

– Natasha and Michael Bernstein